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Breaking it down: Who didn’t make American Idol’s Top 13?

You can read about who made American Idol’s Top 13 anywhere. Now I’d prefer you stick to OUR SITE (CLICK HERE) but there are plenty of more talented, well-informed, not-drunk-off-their ass writers elsewhere.… Continue reading

American Idol Top 13 Revealed! Because I’m a Genius.

So who is America voting for? If you’ve watched the show, you know there’s patterns. Certain genres fare better than others – which is why I suspect we’re low on pure country singers… Continue reading

Be warned American Idol – The South has risen

Compared to the Girls Top 10 night, last night was a walk in the park. There wasn’t a lot of drama or surprise surrounding the 10 contestants chosen to sing on American Idol… Continue reading

Golden Ticket: American Idol Guys Top 10 getting down and Dirty, South

The South has risen. It didn’t take a genius to realize that, with five Southern-based country/rock singers in the Top 15, they were going to be well represented in tonight’s American Idol Guys… Continue reading

American Idol’s Top 10 Guys … I think

Think American Idol predictions are easy? Try doing them. Picking five guys from 15 isn’t difficult. You can figure out who America will vote for based on past tendencies, past performances and guessing… Continue reading

Captain’s Corner: On Judgment Night American Idol lost its virginity because now it’s Emmanuel

Last night could have gone better. It’s hard to have a problem with who got in, unless you made pre-Hollywood picks and were totally and drunkenly upset that so-and-so went in over someone… Continue reading

American Idol Season 13’s Top 10 and Wild Cards … I think

Now things are getting real. Sort of. This is just a prognostication (BOOM big word) piece based on what we saw in auditions and there’s a better than average chance everything is going… Continue reading

The Captain’s Corner – Take My Breath Away

Everybody is getting to Hollywood this year. I don’t know if the Austin and San Francisco episode was as good as Boston and Austin – they certainly weren’t as fun to say –… Continue reading

Cashing Out: Leaving Our Heart In San Francisco

1) San Fran huh? It’s like Idol is doing a tour of C-Money’s favorite U.S. cities. I f’n love San Fran – Alcatraz, Danny Tanner, nice bridge, Anchor Steam etc. A few of… Continue reading

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