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American Idol Top 14: Idol makes up rules as it goes, manages to not ruin a great show

What was your favorite part of Wednesday’s American Idol? For me, it was really a toss-up of finally seeing competitive singing and Idol pretending like the judges could only unanimously agree on four… Continue reading

The Picks Are In: My Take On the American Idol Top 11 80s Week Song Choices

In honor of 80s Night, what I’ll look like all evening Break out the cocaine, because that’s the only way I’m enjoying 80s Night on American Idol tonight. I’m joking (about what, you’ll… Continue reading

Breaking It Down: American Idol Top 10 night went well except for the Hollywood ending

The insanity that was the last five minutes of the show aside, it was a pretty good night. Our Fab Five – Quentin Alexander, Clark Beckham, Joey Cook, Jax and Tyanna Jones –… Continue reading

The Monarchy Ends – No. 10: Majesty Rose

REASONS: This is a case of a contestant not being fit for American Idol. Her vibe doesn’t flow with the show. If she bangs out soft rock covers, America will get bored; she… Continue reading

American Idol Top 15 Girls: Circle everyone’s fat, because it’s Rush Week!

There’s no point in getting hysterical over last night’s results. Those hysterics are better for instant reaction and a day later, are as useful as Randy’s Boot Camp (boom, roasted). Failure is probably… Continue reading

Golden Ticket: American Idol’s Top 10 Girls … or something like that

Why do the judges continue to let the blood cover their hands? Tonight’s performance/elimination was another producer driven show. They’re pushing storylines and trying to figure out ways to get viewers, ignoring the… Continue reading

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