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American Idol Top 13 Recap: KO gets KO’d

I’m not going to rehash last night’s live elimination. I hate watching elimination shows so I’m not going to force-feed a recap down your throat. Not the way we do things here at… Continue reading

First out: Kristen O’Connor

REASONS: I feel bad for KO because the odds are not in her favor. For one, she was horrible in the wild card auditions and based on that, shouldn’t have been in. We… Continue reading

Who is Going To Win Season 13 of American Idol? We’ll Tell You

I can’t see on contestant winning American Idol this season. I can see about seven, which scares the hell out of me. It’s not hard to make guesses on who is going to… Continue reading

American Idol Top 13 Revealed! Because I’m a Genius.

So who is America voting for? If you’ve watched the show, you know there’s patterns. Certain genres fare better than others – which is why I suspect we’re low on pure country singers… Continue reading

American Idol Season 13’s Top 10 and Wild Cards … I think

Now things are getting real. Sort of. This is just a prognostication (BOOM big word) piece based on what we saw in auditions and there’s a better than average chance everything is going… Continue reading

Want to know who’s going to win Season 13 of American Idol? We’re going to tell you

In a couple of weeks, you’re gonna read a lot of predictions about who’s going to win American Idol. Once they knock the field down to 15 guys and 15 girls, and then… Continue reading

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