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American Idol Top 15 Girls: Circle everyone’s fat, because it’s Rush Week!

There’s no point in getting hysterical over last night’s results. Those hysterics are better for instant reaction and a day later, are as useful as Randy’s Boot Camp (boom, roasted). Failure is probably… Continue reading

Golden Ticket: American Idol’s Top 10 Girls … or something like that

Why do the judges continue to let the blood cover their hands? Tonight’s performance/elimination was another producer driven show. They’re pushing storylines and trying to figure out ways to get viewers, ignoring the… Continue reading

Golden Ticket: Idol judges need to explain the unexplainable

Want to know why American Idol is struggling in the ratings and is losing viewers every year? Tonight’s episode showed why. This is not the best 15 guys and 15 girls the show… Continue reading

American Idol Season 13’s Top Girls … I Think

As a whole, the girls are better than the guys this year. And that’s not like last year when we were told the girls were better, even though it wasn’t true and the… Continue reading

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