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American Idol Top 5 Elimination: Unlike Santa, the SamSpiracy was real

Where do you begin? How can you rationally write about what just happened? Three minutes into tonight’s American Idol elimination show, we heard the dreaded words “a shocking twist” which means only one… Continue reading

Will Malaya make the Top 5? Hell yeah she will.

REASONS: Hey. How’d she get here? Here’s the thing – one of these 13 people is going to surprise everyone into the top five. And I’m picking Malaya. She showed off her voice… Continue reading

Golden Ticket: American Idol’s Top 10 Girls … or something like that

Why do the judges continue to let the blood cover their hands? Tonight’s performance/elimination was another producer driven show. They’re pushing storylines and trying to figure out ways to get viewers, ignoring the… Continue reading

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