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American Idol’s Scott Borchetta explains why he tweets in all CAPS, murders me at the same time

RACING ROYALTY – BEAUTY & THE BEAST! HAHAHAHA EVI GURNEY & 3TIME INDY CHAMP @dariofranchitti #BOBBYUNSER #RRDC pic.twitter.com/N2Mqfe1bvB — Scott Borchetta (@scottborchetta) April 19, 2015 It took less than 140 characters for Scott… Continue reading

American Idol Top 8: The Rayvon-Seavey Singoff Caps an Amazing Night for Idol

How was that for two hours of television? It’s not often you can bring out a TV show’s original queen, have a night filled with some pretty strong performances and in 10 minutes… Continue reading

New Twitter twist on American Idol will change the game – and that’s not a good thing

I was innocently watching The Day After – hosted by Yahoo!’s Lyndsey Parker (who’s earned honorary DRI status) and former contestant Brandon Rogers – as I watched the NCAA Tournament (this is Dudes… Continue reading

Time for me to retire: Ryan Seacrest is now aware of how awesome Dudes Review Idol is

I was casually sitting on my couch, feeding the little one while the other kid watches Frozen for the millionth time when I decided to check Vine. I noticed I had jumped like… Continue reading

And This … Is Dudes Review Idol

This all started as a joke. Three years ago my buddies and I started sending each other Facebook messages about American Idol. It was pretty funny, and then we noticed we’d have a… Continue reading

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